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Squirrel Removal and exclusion

Squirrel RemovalĀ and Exclusion




There are some signs that can help you decide if you have Squirrels or other animals in your attic or home .


  • Hearing chewing , scratching or scurrying noises in your ceiling or walls ?
  • Seeing holes in your soffit or fascia on the outside of your home
  • damaged roof vents allowing animal entry to your attic
  • damaged or unsecured vent pipes

    Photos showing squirrel entry in to homes in Kitchener-waterloo and Stratford Ontario

    Squirrel entry into home Squirrel entry into house

    Squirrels are rodents and are constantly chewing to help wear down their constantly growing teeth and the Dangers of having squirrels in your attic or home include the chance electrical fires from chewed wires , damaged wood from chewing and destroyed insulation from compaction and urine and feces of the squirrels as well as the parasites carried by Squirrels and other wildlife.

    Our Solutions

  • The first thing we do is a thorough inspection of the outside of your home or business to locate any current entry points as well as possible future entry points.

  • We then use a variety of methods to remove the resident Squirrels such are live trapping , one way exits or hands on capture and removal in many cases.

  • Once we are sure we have all the Squirrels removed we repair all entry points with quality building materials to prevent future animal entries into your structure. In addition we recommend preventive measures on any other vulnerable areas which could become future entry points.

  • Our services also include the cleanup and replacement of damaged insulation to keep your home or business energy efficient and free from odours and parasites that are carried by Squirrels and other wildlife.