Monday, 22 of April of 2024

Groundhogs under your home ?

The best groundhog removal and barrier system.

The burrowing nature of groundhogs or woodchucks as they are also referred to can be a threat to your home or business with the possibility of their dens undermining foundations or deck supports leading to shifting or collapse and potentially extremely costly repairs.

We supply and install time tested exclusion barriers custom built for your home or business.

Deck in kitchener


As can be seen in this picture this deck was wide open and had become a refuge for local groundhogs coming from the green space behind the home .


Exclusion barrier

Deck exclusion barrier install

As seen in this picture we have installed blocking in the gaps to have a solid surface to fasten our Exclusion Barrier to .


Skirt board installed

We take the finished look of our Wildlife Exclusion seriously and the installation of a skirt board and grass seed on the disturbed portion of the lawn are finishing touches that set our work apart for others .